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Welcoming Back Our Patients

May 26th, 2020

Dear Bruno Orthodontic families,

We are relieved that the governor has lifted the executive order that limited all “non-life sustaining” orthodontic treatment.  While we and many of our patients are ready to resume patient care, we realize that some people may feel anxious about returning to “life as we knew it” before March 18, 2020.  The entire Bruno Orthodontics team wants you to know that we can sympathize and we are here to support you through this challenging time.  We have spent our time away from patients diligently preparing ourselves and the office for our reopening.  Some of the enhancements we’ve made include:

  • We educated ourselves with the latest guidance from the leading health authorities (CDC, ADA, MDA, AAO) with regard to sterilization, disinfection, and patient safety measures.  We have implemented their revised protocols, where indicated
  • We have instituted daily wellness checks for all team members and Dr. B
  • We have reconfigured our office to promote social distancing measures
  • We have refined our “in-car waiting room” protocol to better serve you
  • We have updated our PPE to reflect updated standards, so we may look a little different when you see us next time :)
  • We have researched and implemented TeleOrthodontics and we’re employing it, where appropriate, to make the most efficient use of both patient and doctor time
  • We have adjusted scheduling to reflect distancing as well as TeleOrthodontics
  • We continue to stress the importance of communication between our office and all patients

We understand that the pandemic has affected every individual very differently, including each of us.  It is our hope that a visit with our office may provide a break from the monotony we’ve all been experiencing, and afford all of us the opportunity to share a connection, a laugh and a smile together.  This pandemic has been all-consuming for most of us, but it too will fade.  Bruno Orthodontics made the choice to utilize our time away from patient care to reexamine ourselves and our practice so we could emerge better prepared to adapt to the changes that lie ahead.  We miss you and we can’t wait to get back to our new normal, whatever that is, with you.

All the best,

Dr. Bruno, Patti, Jackie, Kate, Kristy and Erin

In-Ovation® Vs. Traditional Braces

May 20th, 2020

At our office, we say it's never too late to improve the beauty of your smile. We suggest to patients of all ages that braces can lead the way to a healthier, happier smile. Orthodontic technology has made many advancements over the past decade. Today, we compare In-Ovation braces to traditional braces to help you decide which is best for your smile needs.

Choosing In-Ovation or Traditional Braces

There are many significant differences between these two styles of braces that often make one more attractive than the other to patients. Overall, the In-Ovation treatment process is far shorter from start to finish than the traditional braces approach.

The In-Ovation treatment process has been gaining vast popularity among patients because it offers superior comfort over traditional braces. Unlike the traditional approach that can be painful and cause continued friction and irritation, In-Ovation braces operate on what is called a self-ligating system. This free-sliding system straightens teeth with gentle, low pressure.

Traditional braces exert their teeth-aligning effects with pressure. They are cemented to teeth, connected by rubber bands, and require much more of a time commitment than newer technology. For some, traditional braces are a more affordable approach and time is not a concern. It's also important to understand that a balanced diet is more important than ever when choosing any type of braces, but especially with traditional braces because of their size. Sugary foods can cause plaque to buildup on the tooth and should be kept minimal.

In-Ovation braces have been reported to shift teeth in a way that causes less irritation. Patients opt for this style because of its overall lower need for maintenance. You will spend far less time visiting our Clawson if you choose In-Ovation braces over traditional braces.

With fewer components and no elastic bands, there is less of a chance of food debris being left behind with In-Ovation braces. They are easier to clean and when a balanced diet is followed, and much less of a plaque buildup. In-Ovation even offers clear brackets for improved aesthetics.

Still have questions about which braces system is right for you or your child? We encourage you to ask Dr. Bruno at your next appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Ask Us About Invisalign Teen® Treatment!

May 13th, 2020

We know that being a teen is hard, and we know that adding braces to the mix can often elicit a less-than-enthusiastic response. Luckily, teens can now have straighter teeth without the hassle, discomfort, and embarrassment of metal braces!

Dr. Bruno proudly offer Invisalign Teen clear aligners to our adolescent patients.

One of the main benefits of Invisalign Teen aligners is that they are virtually invisible. They are also removable, which means teen patients are free to eat anything they choose. The aligners are also easily replaceable, should they ever get lost! The best part? They make it easy to keep up with a healthy brushing and flossing routine. 

The aligners are made from a lightweight, plastic material that fits precisely on the teeth. Invisalign Teen treatment has become a popular treatment here at Clawson because it helps our younger patients achieve a straight, beautiful smile without undergoing the dreaded metal-mouth.

For more information on Invisalign Teen clear aligners, please feel free to give us a call at our Dr. Bruno office today!

How are In-Ovation® self-ligating braces different?

April 29th, 2020

In-Ovation self-ligating braces are becoming a favorite for those who are faced with having to get braces. There are many differences that are making them increasingly popular among dental patients.

What sets In-Ovation apart from the rest?

There are many reasons why patients are choosing In-Ovation when deciding which braces will work best for them. One of the main reasons is that there is a significantly shorter amount of time that you have to wear them. There are also fewer appointments at our Clawson office, since there are no rubber bands to be replaced.

Since there are no rubber bands, In-Ovation makes brushing and flossing much easier. The brackets are low-profile, making them more comfortable and more aesthetic as well.

Different Styles of In-Ovation

In-Ovation R braces are small, metallic like clips that replace the common metal braces and the elastic bands. This type of braces makes it harder for plaque to build up, so it is easier to keep your teeth clean. Your teeth move quickly and painlessly with the free-sliding treatment technique.

In-Ovation C braces offer all same the benefits of the In-Ovation R, with one small difference: this type of bracket is clear. Rhodium (a silvery-white metallic element) covers the clips making the In-Ovation C braces appear less visible. In-Ovation C braces offer a more inconspicuous way to straighten your teeth, and give you that beautiful smile you always wanted

Rest assured that if you choose In-Ovation self-ligating braces, you will not regret it. You will be able to enjoy looking good and feeling great about your smile during and after your treatment.

  • "We visited three other offices before we met Dr. Bruno. His ability to make our very anxious son feel comfortable was so refreshing. He took the time to interact with Joey and make him feel involved in the treatment. Joey's smile looks absolutely fantastic, thanks to Dr. Bruno and his wonderful team."~ Diane
  • "Our family feels Dr. Bruno is absolutely the very best orthodontist!! With early intervention, he was able to completely reverse our son Trevor's bite. Our daughter, Elesse, repeatedly says, 'I can't believe how perfect my teeth look.' Our office visits are always on time, we are never kept waiting"~ Patty
  • "Dr. Bruno is detail-oriented, listens to his patients, and is creative with his orthodontics. His innovative approach and willingness to 'think outside of the box' made my daughter's treatment a success! The staff is friendly and courteous and the office is beautiful!"~ Julie

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