The New Standard of Orthodontic Care

High-tech, Focused on You

Cutting edge technology with personalized care that you can only get from a small, highly experienced orthodontic team.

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The new standard of orthodontic care

Choosing a state-of-the-art orthodontic practice means having access to treatments that provide better results in a shorter amount of time while providing a more comfortable experience. From start to finish our aim is to make your orthodontic experience as personalized and seamless as possible. 


3D Imaging (Skip the Goop!)

Every treatment plan begins with our advanced 3D-imaging technologies. We'll create a detailed map of your teeth and show you simulations of what your smile will look like by the end of treatment. Scans are quick, easy and don’t involve biting into a tray of messy goop or exposure to harmful radiation.


The Future of Braces is at Bruno Orthodontics

We don't settle for ordinary at Bruno Orthodontics and that's why we offer LightForce braces. Each 3D printed bracket (brace) is individually made and custom fit to you. This level of precision is just one example of how Bruno Orthodontics offers the most personalized care available.

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America’s leading clear aligner is also the most advanced clear aligner technology available.  Invisalign’s proprietary thermoplastic material, called SmartTrack is specially engineered for comfort and fast, proven results.  Each aligner is custom made with industry leading precision and quality assurance to ensure that each step towards a straighter site is made safely and predictably.

Combined with Dr. Bruno’s board certified experience, 3D technologies and the availability of virtual (remote) check-ups, your Invisalign experience can be conveniently customized to suit your busy schedule - wherever you are.

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Virtual Appointments

Our virtual appointments help make your orthodontic experience as convenient and safe as possible. Paired with our secure patient text line you can have your questions answered quickly wherever you are.

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