Find the Best Invisalign Near Me - What You Need to Know

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November 23, 2022

Find the Best Invisalign Near Me - What You Need to Know


Did you just find out that you need orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth? That can be shocking for anyone. The idea of having to invest the time and money of monthly treatments, as well as possibly having to wear the metal frames and bands of regular braces can be uncomfortable in the least.


If you have decided that you do not want to wear regular braces, you may have already decided that Invisalign is the way you want to go.


As opposed to regular braces, Invisalign is clear and almost unnoticeable, while straightening your teeth gently over time. Unlike braces, your Invisalign aligner is removable and is replaced for new ones as your teeth begin to straighten.


With either choice, you will need to make frequent visits to your orthodontist, based on the amount of work that needs to be done.


Invisalign is used to treat most of the same conditions that braces treat, such as overbites, underbites, gaps, and crowded teeth. The main benefits are that they are removable, and they are almost invisible when you are wearing them.


The Benefits and Drawbacks of Invisalign


While it may seem that Invisalign is the perfect solution if you have been dreading braces, there are certainly some powerful benefits, but also some disadvantages that you need to consider.


The benefits of Invisalign include:


  • Most top Invisalign providers will use a non-invasive digital scan to create your aligners, rather than the mold used to create regular braces.
  • Any time you want, you can remove your Invisalign. Unlike traditional braces, you can take out your Invisalign to eat, to brush your teeth, or for any other reason.
  • Invisalign is reported by patients to be much more comfortable to wear, as well as during the regular orthodontic appointments.


Possible drawbacks of Invisalign may include:

  • The entire cost may not be covered by your insurance, and may be more expensive than regular braces, so make sure that you choose a top local orthodontist that offers flexible payment plans in the office to cover any out of pocket costs in an affordable manner.
  • While most patients do report that Invisalign is much more comfortable than traditional braces, you will still most likely experience some discomfort. You are changing the alignment of your teeth and jaws, so expect some soreness, at least at first.
  • In some rare cases, such as those where major dental work has been performed, braces may be the most recommended alternative.


Finding the Best Invisalign Near Me


Start by listening to your friends and neighbors. Check the ratings and reviews on Google search and other ratings sites like Yelp. The top rated orthodontists are top rated for a reason. You will be spending quite a bit of money and time on your Invisalign, so it is important that you are comfortable with the doctor and staff, and high ratings from your local neighbors is one of the best indicators that you will be happy with your treatment.


Invisalign is relatively costly, so make sure that the provider you choose offers financing for any uncovered costs, accepts your medical insurance, and makes you feel comfortable with the skill level and experience of the orthodontist and staff.


Tip for Caring for Your Invisalign


While maintenance for Invisalign is actually easier than for regular braces, it is also usually more expensive, so it is very important that you maintain your aligners to receive the most effective care.

  • Brush your teeth immediately after eating to ensure that you do not trap any food between your teeth and the aligner.
  • Wear your Invisalign constantly, with the exception of eating and drinking.
  • Continue your normal routine of flossing and brushing.
  • Contact your doctor immediately if you notice any unexpected changes or damage.

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