The Top Reasons Why You Should Only Seek Invisalign Treatment with a Board Certified Orthodontic Specialist

November 5, 2020

The Top Reasons Why You Should Only Seek Invisalign Treatment with a Board Certified Orthodontic Specialist

It seems that there are many options for straightening teeth these days and there’s no question that Invisalign is a great choice. You can enjoy virtually invisible teeth-straightening while continuing to eat the foods you enjoy, brush and floss your teeth normally and minimize office visits. The choice is clear!

You may be wondering why it’s necessary to see an orthodontist for your Invisalign treatment. Here are the top reasons why an orthodontic specialist is the best choice for where you receive your care. 

-You only want to do this once. Do it right.

An orthodontist’s goal is to provide patients with straight teeth and a healthy bite. We ensure that the teeth, upper and lower jaws, gums and facial muscles are positioned so that you can bite, chew and speak well. Without taking all of these components into consideration, problems can arise, such as issues with the jaw joint (TMJ), headaches, excessive wearing or chipping of the teeth, premature tooth loss and gum problems. An experienced orthodontist will develop a treatment plan and monitor your progress to ensure your treatment goes as planned. 

-Orthodontists identify the cause of the problem, and then solve it.

You may see crooked or gapped teeth. We see the cause of these problems. Orthodontists use their education, experience and expertise to identify the underlying cause of these issues and solve them in a way that is healthy and sustainable. 

-Orthodontists know timing is important.

Not every patient that walks through the door is a candidate for treatment at that particular time. Growth and development phases, especially in kids and teenagers, can have a big impact on orthodontic treatment. A trained orthodontist can use a patient's growth to their advantage to help guide teeth to a healthier position. This frequently leads to less time in treatment and is less costly when compared to correction of problems that occur at a less ideal time. Orthodontists are heavily experienced in facial growth which ensures that they don’t miss these opportunities. They will identify not only the best treatment plan for each patient, but the most appropriate time frame for which to implement that plan. 

-Orthodontics goes beyond your teeth.

Orthodontists study facial esthetics and understand how tooth movement can change your facial profile, smile line and general appearance. We understand how it relates to the face and future growth changes and take a holistic, comprehensive approach to your treatment so that your overall appearance is considered along with your smile.  

-Orthodontists are specialists.

After our dental school education, orthodontists devote an additional 2-3 years to the study of only orthodontics. We practice orthodontics exclusively. We focus our continuing education on orthodontics and see hundreds of patients per month. We are uniquely positioned to use our knowledge and skills to help you get the best possible result.


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Where you receive your care is important: 

Dr. Bruno was born and raised in Rochester Hills and graduated from Rochester High School. He received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry and his Certificate of Orthodontics and Master of Science at the University of Detroit Mercy. Dr. Bruno regularly participates in continuing education events and utilizes state-of-the-art technology to ensure his patients receive the best care available. He is a member of several major orthodontic professional organizations including: the American Association of Orthodontists, the Michigan Association of Orthodontists, the Southeast Michigan Orthodontic Association, the Detroit Orthodontic Alumni Association, the American Dental Association, the Michigan Dental Association and the Oakland County Dental Society. 

He respects the hard work and dedication required to become an orthodontic specialist and believes in the ability of orthodontic treatment to not only improve a patient’s smile but to transform their life. Dr. Bruno and his experienced team can’t wait to meet you. Schedule a complimentary consultation today!


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